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The Executive Committee is the two-part administrative body of the Students Invested in Health Association. Each position is associated with its own specific role, responsibilities, and privileges. All SIHA volunteers are eligible to run for membership on the Executive Committee in the March elections and may run for any position they choose. Positions are held by current University of Alberta students. The Core Executive Committee consists of 5 members: President; Vice President, Finance; Vice President, Local Projects; Vice President, International Projects; and the Secretary and Manager of Information and Records (SMIR). The General Executive Committee consists of: Grants Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Treasurers; Director of Curricula and Training, Alberta Project Manager, Alberta Volunteer Coordinator; Director of Education and Training, Tanzania Project Manager, Tanzania Volunteer Coordinator; and the Program Marketing and Events Coordinator.


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The Board of Governors serves to advise and support SIHA’s Executive Committee in new and ongoing projects.  The board guides SIHA in achieving its mission to effect real and sustainable progress in the greatest health threats affecting our global community and advocates that the sustainability of SIHA is of utmost importance. Members are available for consultation of new projects and activities, as well as other inquiries as presented. SIHA’s Board of Governors often reach out to the broader community in effort to promote SIHA’s projects and engage interested parties in the work that SIHA undertakes.
The Board of Governors consists of SIHA’s core executive, faculty advisors from the University of Alberta, a representative from The HIV Network of Edmonton (HIV Edmonton), SIHA alumni, and others experienced in global health issues who demonstrate an active interest in the operations of SIHA. Their importance in ensuring continuity of our mission is undisputed.