Project Locations: Local Context

Kikongo: Kikongo is an 800-person village 12km southwest of Mlandizi, which is in turn 70km west of Dar es Salaam. Health concerns are directed to the dispensary, a small medical clinic staffed by two clinical officers, a nurse, assistant nurse, and lab assistant.  SIHA’s initiatives in Kikongo have traditionally targeted malaria and water/sanitation.

Mwanabwito: Mwanabwito is a rural village of approximately 2000 residents located 15km west of Mlandizi. Mwanabwito is very close to the Ruvu River, a major water source, but isolated from neighboring communities due to its location lower in the river valley. Major health issues in Mwanabwito identified by community members and SIHA include access to clean water and access to healthcare. The Maasai community near Mwanabwito faces the same issues, but to a larger extent the most pressing issues were identified as maternal health, malaria and access to healthcare. 


Current Projects and Partnerships


Malaria Prevention Project

Malaria has been identified as the primary health concern for the communities of Kikongo, Mwanabwito, Vinziko, Kidai, and the Maasai community. To address this health issue, our malaria prevention efforts have been centered on initiating and strengthening an insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) supply chain that would reach these remote villages. Largely, we are working with our community partners in increasing access to and use of ITNs in these communities. To date, we have partnered with a community pharmacy (Peter’s pharmacy), Mwanabwito Education Committee (MEC), and the Maasai to achieve our overarching goal of ensuring year-round access to ITNs.


MEC Partnership

The Mwanabwito Education Committee (MEC) is an organization established in 2013 that aims to increase awareness about malaria prevention. MEC provides malaria education seminars in the Mwanabwito Primary School and also organizes community-wide malaria education movie nights in the villages of Mwanabwito and Kidai. SIHA acts a partner to MEC to help increase their capacity to work on malaria prevention initiatives in their community.


EVO Partnership

EVO (Endeleza Vijana Organization) is an organization established in 2013 that aims to support youth by providing them education on health related issues and life skills. SIHA works as a partner to EVO to help increase their capacity to address health barriers in their community through their various initiatives.



Our Team


Consists of:

- International Travel Team (ITT): Multidisciplinary term of undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Alberta.

- Community Consultants (CCs): Tanzanian staff working alongside interns and offering additional support in the form of translation and interpretation.

- In-Country Representative (ICR): Full-time Tanzanian staff member who bridges the gap between Canada and Tanzania as well as projects from year to year

- Project Managers (PM): Returning team members who are responsible for managing the operations of SIHA’s activities in Tanzania.