Who can apply?

All current undergraduate or graduate students from any faculty at the University of Alberta are welcome to apply.

Do I need any special skills or qualifications?

No. SIHA International aims to recruit students from diverse backgrounds to develop a well rounded and versatile team. We seek applicants with a passion for global health and an understanding of global citizenship.

How will I be prepared for my internship in Tanzania?

The learning experience as an International Travel Team (ITT) member begins seven months prior to departure through SIHA 101 sessions. Topics range from: global citizenship and SIHA’s guiding principles, health promotion projects, in-country safety, fundraising, Swahili language lessons, and more. Our In-Country Representatives and In-Country Volunteers receive equivalent training in Tanzania so that both teams have the same base knowledge when starting work together.


What day of the week is SIHA 101?

Following recruitment, a time and day of the week that coincides with all interns and executives schedule is arranged.

When does SIHA 101 begin and end?

SIHA 101 begins in mid-October and breaks in early December before final exams. SIHA 101 resumes in January and ends at the beginning of April.

How much time will I need to commit?

Every week interns are required to attend a 2 hour SIHA 101 session. Participation is also required for fundraising events which occur a few times throughout the year. These events generally take place on weekends require a few hours in the afternoon or evening. 

What is the financial commitment?

All volunteers accepted to go to Tanzania as part of the International Travel Team are expected to raise $4000 to help cover living expenses and project costs during the placement. 

To help ensure that financial constraints are not a barrier to qualified volunteers SIHA has a Fundraising Coordinator that works alongside volunteers to develop a personal fundraising plan and help plan and execute various individual and group fundraising activities.  

What type of work can I expect to be doing in Tanzania?

Tasks include: meeting with community partners, online researching, participating in and facilitating strategic planning meetings and planning, implementing, and evaluating our projects.


What month does the International team arrive and depart from Tanzania?

The International Team usually leaves Canada in mid-May and arrives back home early to mid August. To check out past teams experiences, check out the International Travel Team’s blog!


Important dates and deadlines

  • Application deadline: September 23, 2019
  • If you are selected from your application to participate in a group interview, these will take place October 5-6.
  • If you are selected from the group interview to move onto personal interviews, these will take place October 8-13.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by October 15. 
  • SIHA 101 Orientation: Week of October 21.