Meet the International Executive Team

Left to right: Kyle Chankasingh (Volunteer Coordinator), Palehswan Chitrakar (Project Manager), Sarah Stein and Rachel Kastendieck (Curriculum Coordinators), Janina Guerra (Fundraising Coordinator), Anthony Moir (Project Manager).

The International Executive Team helps the selected interns prepare for their internship in Tanzania by facilitating weekly SIHA 101 learning sessions, ensuring important documents are filled out assisting with the interns fundraising. The Project Managers travel with the interns to Tanzania for the first 3-4 weeks to help facilitate office and project work and adapt the team to a new environment!

Meet the Tanzanian Team

The Tanzanian team keeps projects running while the International Travel Team is in Canada. They provide crucial insight into local values and needs and are vital to the functioning of SIHA International. Meet our team members below!

In-Country Representatives

The In-Country Representatives, Charles (left) and Melkiory (right) support the International Travel Team in helping them adapt to the Tanzanian environment, ensure safety and work alongside to uphold SIHA values and provide Tanzanian context to issues. The In-Country Representatives also manage the In-Country Volunteers and help manage finances.

In-Country Volunteers

The In-Country Volunteers work alongside the ICRs and interns to assist with project work and provide their input in office discussion.