International Projects

Since 2002, the International Branch of SIHA has operated in Tanzania. Each summer SIHA selects seven interns to spend ten to twelve weeks living and volunteering in Tanzania, alongside our Tanzanian team. Interns help develop, implement, and evaluate projects while following SIHA’s 5 Guiding Pillars: Sustainable Solutions, Knowledge Translation, Anti-Oppressive Practices, Community Driven Initiatives and Multi-Faceted Action. Interns also gain experience in the administrative work that goes into running a non-governmental organization (NGO) and experience the rich culture of Tanzania.

Our International Team Vlog (2019)

WASH Project

WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. The identification of unsafe water by communities in Morogoro and the increased prevalence of water-born illnesses declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) led to the development of the WASH project. The WASH project aims to increase knowledge and awareness regarding water, sanitation and hygiene among primary school students. Through the adoption of SON International’s standard WASH curriculum, WASH is conducted anti-oppressively by local Tanzanians at Tungi Primary School. The importance of WASH has especially been highlighted through the COVID-19 global pandemic. Therefore, SIHA is working on expanding the WASH project to several other schools in Tanzania.